Course Materials

My teaching interests include American political institutions, electoral processes, political behavior, public administration, and public policy. I have also been responsible for my department’s methodology course, which I have designed to cover the entire research process–from finding a question through research design and data gathering to statistical analysis and finally presenting the results in a public setting.

The syllabi below come from the courses that I have taught while at Pacific, but I have taught a number of other courses not shown below at other institutions (e.g., political parties, public policy, and organization theory). My C.V. contains the full list of courses that I have taught.

Departmental Course Syllabi

California Politics: 2013

Campaigns and Elections: 20082010, 2012, and 2014

Capstone Seminar: 2010 and 2011

Congress and the Presidency: 2011 (Legislative Process) and 2014

Introduction to Public Administration: 2011 and 2013

Political Science Research: 200820092010201120122013, and 2014

U.S. Government and Politics: 20092010, and 2012

Freshmen Seminars

In addition to the above departmental courses, I have regularly participated in the Pacific Seminars (PACS) program at UOP. PACS is an interdisciplinary, three-semester sequence of courses required of all incoming freshman. (Transfer students only take the last course.) PACS 1 and PACS 2 are taken during the freshman year and jointly examine the question, “What is the good life?” From 2008-2013, PACS 1 used a common syllabus for all sections, with all of the students engaging the same set of readings. For 2014, faculty were offered a common syllabus but were also encouraged to create their own version of the course, which I chose to do. PACS 2 is a more discipline-specific examination of one of the themes/ideas introduced in PACS 1. PACS 3 explores different ethical perspectives and asks students to develop an ethical autobiography.

Pacific Seminar 1: What Is the Good Life? 20082009201020112012, and 2013

Pacific Seminar 1: Zombies and the Good Life: 2014

Pacific Seminar 2: 2009 (Public Problems, Public Policies), 2012 (Picking the President), and 2013 (Making Elections Better)